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Unlike most financial firms, Vestory was founded on an educational foundation. Rather than obscure the truth about “investments” (a favorite technique of Wall Street firms and insurance companies), our goal is to illuminate the process, bringing clarity. We believe that building our business is secondary to imparting knowledge, because we believe that the more you know about investing, the more likely you are to want to work with a firm like ours (thankfully, we aren’t alone in this quest to enlighten).

My personal quest is saving investors (a group that should include almost everyone) from the clutches of the high commission brokers and agents hawking complex, expensive (and often dangerous) products. Add to this the group of scoundrels those who charge exorbitant advisory fees (anything over 1.5% annually) and/or claim to have a clue about what the future will bring.

Reaching those who need investing help is not easy. That's why we host a radio show, publish a weekly newsletter, teach classes, and create podcasts. Of those, our most effective outreach tools have been the radio shows and podcasts. We hope you will help us share real investing principles.

Thousands listen to our podcasts every month, but our audience numbers are dwarfed by broadcast giants like Dave Ramsey (tendering some of the worst investment advice on the air) and Ric Edelman (who gives good advice, but charges up to 2% a year for it). Even worse, irresponsible operators like Porter Stansberry (and I can say that because a judge called him worse) rank near the top of the podcast rankings.

Peruse the top investing podcasts at iTunes (the podcast service leader), and you will find market timers, option traders, gold bugs, and property flippers consistently near the top of the ratings. This is in large part because they have learned to game the system to their advantage. While iTunes ranking system is a secret, it is well known that having lots of subscribers and a decent number of reviews raises a podcast’s standing. With enough money, anyone can find online services that will help you raise your position, effectively burying many good programs below the top 200 threshold for inclusion in the “Top Podcasts” list.

The only one of our three podcasts to consistently rank in the top 200 is Investoradio. This is also the oldest of our podcasts and the one with the most reviews (46). We would love to see Talking Real Money and the Don McDonald Show move up the list to reach more listeners. 

Here is how you can help:

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2. Please consider adding a review.

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4. Every time you have a conversation about investing suggest our shows.

Here are the iTunes show links:

Talking Real Money


Don McDonald Show 

Your support will help us turn even more Americans into real investors and slowly change a system that has been committing slow motion robbery for far too long.