From Vestories to Real Investing

We continue to change and improve our educational offerings. Our Talking Real Money radio expands to two hours every week. We also produce five new Talking Real Money features each week. Now, we roll out a brand new blog/newsletter devoted to nothing but REAL INVESTING, Real Investing Journal.

To that end, this will be the last Vestories post and e-newsletter. Those who receive this weekly e-mail will start getting a new Real Investing Journal e-letter every week from now on. We have moved most of the material from Vestories to Real Investing Journal and have added REAL INVESTING stories from other sources along with a new Q&A feature to answer your specific questions.

Real Investing Journal was created, specifically, to be read – in the style of old newspapers. Like a newspaper, it is black and white (and we hope, like the old joke, that it will be “read all over”). It is laid out in columns, with quick summaries. There are no gratuitous images. We will only use pictures and graphics that add to your understanding of the issues discussed. 

Please take a look and share your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions with us.

Also, there are big changes coming to over the next few months, along with some new services that we think you’ll really like. Thanks for reading!