AFFORDABLE FOR ALL We want to help as many people as possible build the best portfolio for their future story. To that end, Vestory has some of the lowest fees and account minimums in the investment advisory business.

Our full service advisory fees start at a low 0.9% per year and our account minimum is only $250,000. The annual fee declines to only 0.4% on assets of $1 million to $2 million, on assets above $2 million, the annual fee is 0.25%.

That’s it. There are no hidden charges, fees, commissions, or expenses paid to Vestory.

Of course, there are transaction charges to buy or sell funds through your Schwab, or TD Ameritade custodial account and the mutual funds that you own within your portfolio to have their own internal fees and expenses. However, the personalized advice and portfolio management you receive from Vestory will cost you no more than 0.9% of your assets under management with us.