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Committed to Education

There are thousands of books written about investing. Television is filled with shows that are designed to help you pick the right stocks to own or trade.  But few "educational" experiences really prepare you properly for investing and retirement.  Vestory aims to change that.

Our live events, radio shows, videos, and newsletter are designed to take the mystery out of investing.  We want you to learn - step by step - how to build a long term portfolio for good times and bad times.  We plan to show you how to avoid costly financial mistakes.  Along the way we hope to arm you with the necessary knowledge to help you tune out “investment pornography” (those exciting promises of huge wealth with little effort) that can do long term damage to your retirement savings and, in the process, destroy your future plans.

We invite you to attend an educational live class, watch video workshops, listen to our weekly radio program and features (on the radio or via our podcasts) and read our regular articles and commentary.  They are all designed to get you on the right track to a better future story, and keep you there.  The best news if all: all of this financial knowledge is free and there is no obligation!  Its part of our commitment to help you get investing and your future right.