As a fee-only, independent investment advisory, Vestory is free to select from any mutual fund or ETF available in the United States. Because of our beliefs and philosophies, we will only offer non-actively managed, low fee, true no-load mutual funds (the jury is still out on ETFs).

After careful study and consideration, we have found that only two mutual fund families meet our strict selection criteria, Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). Vanguard is well known for their excellent no-load funds, and they have a decent selection of passive, index products (remember, we won't use stock picking or market timing products). However, the fund family that best meets our academic-based selection criteria is a fund family that flies under most people's radar, for some very good reasons. Yet, DFA is the one of the 10 biggest fund families in the country.

Timothy Middleton of CNBC referred to DFA funds (from Dimensional Fund Advisors) as “Hard to Buy, Easy to Own.” called them “The Best Fund Family You’ve Never Heard Of.” Both the press and investors sing the praises of Dimensional Fund Advisors' family of mutual funds. So, why is it that so few people are aware of DFA funds?

The answer is that DFA funds are only available to a select few fee-only investment advisors, who have been carefully screened and trained by dimensional fund advisors. Those advisers allowed to sell DFA funds must understand the process of creating diversified mutual fund portfolios designed to meet the needs and the risk tolerance of investors.

DFA is a true no-load, low fee mutual fund family that uses a distinctive passive asset investment strategy. This strategy is based on decades of research by Nobel Laureate academics. Using strict parameters, DFA crafts passive investment portfolios that cover almost every available asset class from the smallest value stocks to the largest growth stocks. This allows Vestory to create massively diversified portfolios designed to help increase long-term returns while moderating short-term volatility.

In addition to being fewer no-load funds, DFA funds are also among the least expensive in the industry. In fact, in many cases, DFA’s management fees are comparable to or even lower than those of similar funds at Vanguard.

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