Constantly Seeking Investment Truths

For the past 30 years, as financial journalists, Tom Cock and Don McDonald have reported on the investing industry.  During this time they came to a not-so-startling conclusion most of the advice given by Wall Street experts is self-serving and usually not in the best interests of the average investor.

Avoiding Financial Dangers

There is too much bad advice being given to investors. Huge money is being made by convincing people that speculating is really investing. Commissions have created a conflict of interest between those giving advice and those who receive it. Trading makes money for Wall Street at the expense of Main Street. Lack of diversification has led to frightening losses. It seems like investors get “broker” while brokers, traders, and agents keep getting richer.

Understanding DIY Investing

Rather than being exposed to the hazards of Wall Street, many investors have taken matters into their own hands. They have chosen to try to manage their own investment portfolios, using no-load mutual funds or individual stocks and bonds. In a rising market, this strategy often paid off. It wasn’t until the market plummeted that these do-it-yourselfers discovered the limits of their knowledge and commitment.

Answering the Big Questions

Most of us need help determining if we enough have money for retirement, how to create a financial plan for post-working years, and how to create a properly balanced portfolio. Vestory provides you with the critical financial planning information you need for a financially secure retirement.

Creating a Better Way

Over the years, both Tom and Don have come to realize that many investors need someone who can answer these questions. Investors are looking for responsible guidance and access to the best investment vehicles to meet their needs. Tom and Don knew that investors needed help and that they wanted to help investors - one at a time - understand the investing process, build low cost diversified portfolios, and enjoy a brighter financial future.  For that reason, Vestory was born!

Using Best Practices and Providing Education

Vestory incorporates the best aspects of all the firms that Tom and Don have studied over the past few decades.  Vestory advisorsare experts at creating diversified mutual fund portfolios for our clients that are based on academic research.  They provide the highest quality client service.  Most importantly, Vestory is dedicated to providing a critical investing education to everyone - clients or not.

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